Sunday, January 19, 2014

The 107th Regiment, Illinois Infantry

Hello! This is my first post of 2014! I hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Year! Here is my newest unit fresh off the painting table - the 107th Illinois. They fought at the Battle of Franklin in Nov. 1864 and were positioned in the middle of the Federal line. I used a slightly darker blue for their coats than I normally do, but I think it turned out Ok. They represent a 400 man regiment for the "Johnny Reb" rules that I am so fond of!

Some of my wargaming goals for 2014:

* Continue to paint more 28mm ACW so that I can run larger scenarios.
* Continue painting more 28mm War of the Roses. My friend Titch W. and I run a game at a local convention every year and we always like to have lots of new units painted and ready to play! It's fun to watch this game grow in size every year. I think we started with a six foot table and now need at least an 18 foot table.
* Boers....I sold off my 28mm Boers and Brits but am thinking about getting back into the period. Something keeps drawing me know the feeling!
* 28mm WWII - with Chain of Command and Bolt Action - I think it's time I joined in the fun. I think I'll start with "Normandy" Germans.
* Get my painting area organized! It's total chaos right now.
* How about you? What are you planning this year?

Take care - Cory

The 107th marching past a farm in Columbia, TN.

A close up of those charming Dixon figures!

107th ....advance!

A hardened unit of tough Federal westerners.


  1. very nice Cory, well done Sir..


  2. Great work Cory. Looking very good!

  3. Well done Cory, very nice work!

  4. Another cracking unit Cory and realistic goals for 2014 too - best of luck.

  5. Always good to see a fine ACW regiment. Look forward to some more of this and your other projects in 2014