Monday, April 9, 2012

28mm American Civil War - Dixon Federals

Here is the latest unit I've painted for my slowly growing 28mm ACW collection. I have a good sized 15mm
collection, but recently I've shifted over to painting 28mm ACW. It can't hurt to have the same period in two or three scales, right?! I am building troops for Hood's 1864 Spring Hill / Franklin / Nashville campaign. It's close to my heart since I live in that part of the country and I enjoy tramping the local battlefields. I painted this unit as the 36th IL, which took part in the "Affair at Spring Hill, TN". I wanted them to have the look of a unit that's been in the field campaigning for a while.

On the painting table...almost finished.

Here is the 36th IL. A 25 man unit for "Johnny Reb II" (aprox. 500 men at 1:20).

A closer look at the command stand. A Hovels ACW house is behind the unit.

The firing line!

Another view of the firing line. I think Dixon figures have a lot
of character, even if they aren't the most realistically proportioned.

My goal is to have enough figures ready by May of next year so that I can run a big
"Johnny Reb" game at Nashcon.

The next batch of figures primed and ready to paint. I have been waking up early to paint
before I go to work. I find it very productive time while everyone else in the house is sleeping!


  1. Very, very nice figures!!! Nice basing too!!!

  2. Those look really nice.

  3. Superb figures and backdrop. Real dedication getting up before the family to get some painting done.

  4. A beautiful unit of figures sir......

  5. They look good Cory. I'm doing the same thing. I'm done painting my 15mm ACW and now am painting my 28mm ACW. However, I'm using the Brother Against Brother (BAB) rules to do skirmish rather than using JR. I still use my JR for the 15's though.

    David G.