Monday, March 26, 2012

15mm ACW game pictures

An overview of the table. I set up some terrain for a 15mm ACW game, and one
of my young sons set up the figures while I was working late! He actually did a really nice
job with the troops! 

Gotta love the giant red dice! Another shot of some of
my older figures.

Abe Lincoln hidden in the background! Peter Pig figure.

Another old unit - the 72 OH - these are old Empire / Heritage figs.
These guys have seen a lot of action over the years!

My son set up some of my older figures that I normally wouldn't set
on the table. The early war red legged unit (Stone Mtn figures) was painted in 1989 and most of the time these
guys just keep the cigar box warm!

The 63rd NY - part of the Irish Brigade.Old Glory figs


  1. Very nice set up you have there.

  2. Great looking terrain and figures, must have been a labour of love for your son setting that lot up. If only my dad was into wargaming when I was a wee lad.

  3. What a wonderful set; great looking terrain you have there Sir!

  4. Excellent looking game, great shots