Friday, March 23, 2012

Some more plastic Perry War of the Roses

I have been in a painting frenzy lately getting ready for the local convention in May. This is the last unit I needed to paint for a WOR game me and my friend Titch W. are going to run at the con. Here are a few pics!

I base my figs on card to paint. Everybody has their own technique for this, but
I've found this is what works best for me.

The finished unit. This picture was taken with my cell phone on top of my car! The natural light
always make the figs look better than they really are! I also made about 10 feet of hedges for the game. I just
flocked a bunch of those paint stir sticks you can get at any DIY store.

Now I'll be moving on to more 28mm ACW Dixon figs!


  1. Awesome work, I also have some Dixons ACW to paint, somewhere around the effect of 180.

  2. Great looking work! I love the photographs taken on top of the car as it looks like an invasion force coming down your road!

  3. Looking good! Good luck with the Dixons

  4. Army is looking real nice and good luck!


  5. Great painting on great figures. Looking forward to seeing the report and pictures of the game in May.