Friday, November 25, 2011

More 28mm War of the Roses

The War of the Roses has been the flavor of the last month or so. We've gotten in a couple Medieval Tactica WOR games and  I'm currently painting another 24 man unit of Perry longbow men. The Perry sculpts are
some of the most realistic and well proportioned figs on the market (lead or plastic). The plastic figures
do feel a little "light" in the hand and need a little getting used to. I mounted them on metal bases to give them a little more heft! I suspect that they will be a little fragile too,and have told my kids to be "gentle"....a few years ago they put some major devastation on some of my old GW plastic figs! 

Here's a shot of my paint splattered painting area! I keep an old piece of wood on an old  desk.
This let's me cut and paint away with no worries of doing any serious damage! It's nice to have a
permanent painting area so that I can just leave current projects set up and get back to them when I have time.

This will be a 24 man Lancastrian archer unit. I like to prime white and then work with washes and highlighting.

A view of our last WOR game in progress! I like fairly big units and most infantry units are 24 - 32 figures strong. This fight is going N -S instead of our typical W-E.

A unit of peasants crossing the bridge. These are the local folks and have decided to get involved in the battle!
The players had some fun with this since I let them roll to see if/who the peasants would join. In order to get the peasants
to join their cause they had to roll against each other and if they won 3 times they got the unit!

My favorite rules for the period. I think Tactica and Medieval Tactica
are Arty Conliffe's best work! 


  1. Great looking figures and an impressive set up; well done that man.

  2. I agree! Here's hoping Tactica 2 gets published soon...