Friday, December 2, 2011

The Battle of Eckmuhl 1809 - 15mm Napoleonic Game

The Battle of Eckmuhl 1809 -

We are playing the scenario from Dave Brown's "General de Brigade" volume 1 scenario book. We aren't
using GDB, but my own homespun version of big battalion DBX style rules. If I ever find the time I will post the rules here on the blog! The battle is pretty straight forward in that a smaller, attacking, elite French
division is trying to capture two villages and a wooded hill that are held by a larger Austrian division. Oh, and the French don't have any cavalry! These pictures represent the first few turns of the game. I'll be posting more pictures soon!

Here is a Wikipedia link for more information on the battle:

Austrian infantry defending Ober Laichling. These are old Heritage/Empire figures and
Architectural Heritage buildings.

An overview of the battleflied: The village Ober Laichling is to the left, and Unter Laichling is to the right.
These two villages are the objectives of the attacking French, as well as the wooded hill to the top right
and the breastwork to the top left. 

Austrian Infantry defending Unter Laichling.

The elite 10th Legere have been repulsed from Unter Laichling. We use cotton balls
to represent "shaken" morale status.

The Austrians holding the wooded ridge. The commanader decided to move off the ridge and support
the fight for the villages!

French line infantry moving from the area around Unter Laichling to support the
attack on Ober Laichling. 18mm Old Glory figures.

Th fight for Ober Laichling - The French have captured a section of the village. The French
are old true 15mm Naismith figures....some of my favorite figs!

The Austrian counter-attack! All of my 15mm Napoleonic figures are for
the 1809 Danube campaign.

The Bavarians - marching to the sound of the guns! They will show up in
a few turns to help their French allies.

The scenario book - great scenarios!


  1. Good report and pictures..Enjoyed.

  2. Very envious of the set up you have there old chap. Great post too.

  3. Thanks guys! I really enjoy all of your blogs and gaming antics too!

  4. Great looking tabletop, Cory. Do all your games look as good as this? Jealous, I am, in the nicest possible way of course!