Sunday, November 13, 2011

28mm War of the Roses

I finally finished painting my first unit of Perry Miniatures 28mm War of the Roses plastic figures. It took me forever to cut, glue and assemble the two boxes, but I like how the first longbow unit turned out. I have another longbow unit on the painting table, and then a unit of billmen. I'm still not used to how light a stand of plastic figures feel. There is still something comforting about 1lb of lead in your hand! I took these pictures
outside, away from the shadows of my gaming room, and I really like the natural light. 

A 24 figure unit of longbowmen. I generally prefer Tactica Medieval, but I'm still planning
on giving Warlord Game's "Hail Casear" a try in the near future.

An old OOP Wargames Foundry cog that I'm painting and rigging. I'm looking
for a way to get the ship into a scenario! I'll post some more pics of the cog when it's finished.


  1. I'm not a fan of the plastics because it takes ages to assemble them but these sure look good!

  2. I'm not a plastics fan either, it must be said, but these have turned out nice Cory - certainly the spirit of late 80s Bretonnian archers lives on.

    It even caused me to consider using these and the Conquest plastic Normans to make a Bretonnian army for WFB... until I realised I'd then have to convince everyone, someone, anyone, to play WFB again.