Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! This time of year always gets me excited about adding more troops to my 15mm AWI collection. I have spent a lot of the morning watching "Revolution" on the History Channel! The AWI is one of those periods that I like well enough to game in second scale, like 28mm or 54mm. The Perry's have some fantastic 28mm AWI figures that always tempt me, and "All the King's Men" have some great 54mm AWI figures.

I've also contemplated doing a 1:2 scale (or maybe even 1:1) small 6mm or 10mm AWI battle. I think that would look great on the table! The battle of Gloucester, 3rd October 1781 has only 192 British Legion cavalry, 120 Queens Ranger's infantry and 100 17th foot for the British. The Americans have 300 Lazun's Legion cavalry, 300 Lazun's Legion infantry, and 500 VA militia. Not too bad in 6mm scale at 1:2.

I have been playing AWI using my own home-brewed version of large-scale DBA, which I call "An Appeal to Heaven". I'm currently reading "Black Powder", and might go that route if I decide to build large units in 28mm. If I go for a skirmish size game I'll probably use "Brother against Brother", or "Woodland War" (Sword and the Flame variant).

One great source of AWI information I enjoy is the Canadian Wargamer's "The White's of their Eyes" (Bruce McFarlane). I don't use their rules, but the uniform info, scenarios and campaign information is wonderful.

I picked up a booklet called "Skirmish Battles of the AWI" by David O'Brien at a convention a few years ago an it's also a great resource for small battles. Highly recommended! 

15mm Old Glory Continental Line battalion holding
an apple orchard. The Hessians are marching their way!

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  1. Happy 4th to you as well! British Grenadier is a fine rule set for AWI gaming from GdB.