Sunday, November 9, 2014

28mm ACW

Here are two new projects fresh off the painting table:

The 14th Brooklyn from Sash and Saber Miniatures. I had actually finished two stands of these in May to use for Nashcon, but I just recently got around to finishing the entire unit (5 stands), so here they are! I really enjoyed painting the S&S sculpts!

The 14th Brooklyn from Sash & Saber Miniatures.

The 14th Brooklyn - these were the first two stands I painted.

The next project was to make a converted Gen. Hood for the Nashville campaign. By 1864 he had lost his right leg and his left arm was severely wounded. I used a Sash and Saber figure for Hood and the other two figures are from Old Glory. Thanks to Stephen Huckaby for sending these figs to me!

Hood on crutches outside of Franklin, TN.

Gen. Hood, with amputated leg!

Good Gaming - Cory


  1. Lovely work, love the command stand with the por wounded guy...

  2. lovely painting and basing on awesome figures... well done!

  3. Just trying to work out if your backdrop is a photo or if you have taken the table outside as it looks very effective/realistic?
    They are great looking figures brought to life with some superb painting.
    Have a great holiday Cory,

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