Saturday, June 1, 2013

War of the Roses Game at Nashcon 2013

War of the Roses Game at Nashcon 2013

My friend Titch and I ran a 28mm War of the Roses game this year at Nashcon. We used the same table as my ACW game, but switched things up enough to make the change from 19th Century Virginia to Medieval England. It was a big battle, with all of our figures on the table. We plan on running this battle every year at Nashcon and our plan is too keep adding figures and tables and growing this thing into a "mega-battle"!

We used Medieval Tactica rules and  fought a hypothetical scenario from the Tewkesbury campaign of 1471. The Yorkists, lead by Titch, defeated the Lancastrians with an all out assault on the center of their line. Here are some pictures of the battle:

The Lancastrian right flank is closest to the camera. Rob is checking out his knights.

The battle as seen from the Yorkist right flank. Titch brought a castle to set up at the end of the table. We had some neutral "Stanley" forces set up inside the castle.

The castle! The battle is beginning to heat up!

Looking forward to running this game next year!

For more Nashcon pics, here is a link to David R.'s Nashcon 2013 slideshow:


  1. Cory and Titch put on a great game here! See more pictures of it at

    Great job Cory!

  2. Now that is a sight, I already thought is was Mega!

  3. A very impressive battlefield!

  4. Wow, what a lovely looking table.