Sunday, October 7, 2012

28mm ACW - The 15th / 30th TN Infantry

28mm Dixon ACW Figures

I haven't been gaming much recently (just a little DBA / HOTT), but I have been
spending some time at the painting table. These guys are my latest creation and are hot of the table and  ready to hit the tabletop! 

I painted this unit as a late war consolidated CSA Infantry unit, the 15th and 30th TN
Infantry. They fought at the Battle of Franklin in Nov. 1864 as part of Brig. Gen. Thomas
Benton Smith's brigade (Cheatham's Corps & Bate's Division). Other units in the brigade included the 2nd/10th/20th/37th TN Infantry, the 37th GA Inf. and the 4th Battalion GA Sharpshooters. The brigade was fortunate to have been engaged on the Federal west flank, where the fighting was less intense. At the battle of Franklin, the brigade suffered 47 killed, 253 wounded and 19 missing.

I have a unit of Federals on the painting table right now and I'm making a bunch
of rail fences. I don't like shopping much with my wife, but I don't put up much
of a fight when she wants to go to the arts & crafts stores. I can always find something 
useful for gaming!  I recent picked up some bags of cheap cut wooden sticks that make 
perfect 28mm fence posts! 

The boys advancing through a farm! It's a Hovel's barn and a
Perry plastic fence. I really like Hovel's buildings.

A close up of the TN boys getting ready for some action! The
Dixon figs have some odd sized heads, but have a lot of
character and charm!

Back of the unit. I included two flags since it's a
consolidated unit...why not?!


The command stand.

I like the figure waving his hat!

This is a large regiment for "Johnny Reb 2". This is a 25 figure unit
representing 500 men.


  1. They look great! I think that's some of the best work you have done!


    1. Christopher, Thanks! I put a little extra mojo into these guys!

  2. Great work Corey!! I agree some of the Dixon figures are a little mis-proportioned, I painted up some Sedgemoor figures and they all had giant hands!!

    1. Ray, yes, gigantic heads, ears and feet, but still nice!

  3. Superb painting on these and as you say, they have lots of character and charm.

  4. Wow, I did not realize Dixon could look this good. Agree with Christopher, some of your best work!

    1. Mike, thanks! Post some more pics of your incredible ACW stuff soon!

  5. I definitely will do. Next year in June we have a two days Gettysburg battle planned and I need to paint at least one more brigade of Confederates. Planning is to return to ACW in full force in January but might be sooner..

  6. these guys look really nice great painting