Tuesday, October 23, 2012

23rd Michigan Infantry

The 23rd MI Infantry

Hot off the painting table....the 23rd Michigan Infantry regiment! This unit fought at the
Battle of  Franklin as part of Col. Orlando Hurley Moore's brigade. They were stationed
on the Union right flank between the 183 Ohio (2 companies) and the 118th Ohio.

I've tried to paint them with the look of a grizzled, veteran, Western theater Federal unit. The fences
were built with a bunch of craft sticks and I spent many hours gluing about 12 feet of fencing! I experimented with some different fence colors, but I think they look most natural with a grey "weathered"  wash. 

 I've had enough painting for a while and it's time for a game! 
My next blog report should be an AAR about a battle we have set up on the table right now!

28mm ACW Dixon Federals marching to the sound of the guns!

Dixon has an excellent ACW range. Check it out!

The 23rd MI Infantry - 20 figures (400 men)

A closer view of the 23rd MI.

I'm sure my neighbors wonder what the hell I'm doing taking pics of all
these little men and trees in my backyard!


  1. They look damn good, looking forward to the AAR!

  2. Thanks Angry! Got to get in a game every now and then!

  3. Another superb unit for your collection.

    1. Thanks Pat - I need another 4 units of so per side and I'll be done for a while. I'm itching to paint for Boer War figs for a Colenso / Spionkop project!

  4. Those look great, nice job.

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  6. Great paint job interesting blue coats, not as dark as one would expect for union troops - however the faces look a little green - is that the lighting in the picture or a purposeful tone and texture in the painting?

  7. I painted the blue coats lighter, so that they stand out from the "3 ft gaming distance". I have some figs painted in true navy, and they look too dark on the table for my taste. The skin tone is actually a tan color that just came out a little greenish when photographed. Thanks for the comments! Take care -