Saturday, January 28, 2012

28mm WW1

These are old Wargames Foundry WW1 late war Germans and French that I painted for what was going to be a small Trench Raid game. I got sidetracked by other projects however and never built the trenches, craters, wire, etc. I picked up a copy of Chris Peer's "To The Last Man" recently, and it has rekindled my WW1 flame!
I think I'll keep it simple and start with some gaming in relatively "open" terrain and try a few "Kaiseschlacht 1918" scenarios! I definitely need to buy a few more figures to add to these guys.

WW1 Germans. I like the trench raider with spade and shield!

The French take cover behind a hedge.

This is what I have painted so far for the Germans.

The French counter-attack!

A WW1 German Minenwerfer here in my town. Great WW1 camo scheme. It is quite small,
as you can see my 6 and 3 year olds climbing on it! I'll have to do some research and find out
exactly how it ended up here in TN.


  1. WW1 is a real pull for me; Your miniatures are really straining my resolve! Great stuff Cory.

  2. Nice work and that cannon is cool!


  3. Looks really nice. Certainly an interesting period to game. Look forward to some reports...

  4. Another great period and superb figures. I notice we have very simular interests in the periods that we follow. Your AWI collection in your last post looks top notch.

  5. Great looking figures, I like the look of the French, they're very nice! I've got the same kind of photo, my two youngest daughters climbing all over a cannon at Walmer Castle, why do kids have to climb on them???? They just can't resist it!!