Monday, January 2, 2012

28mm Anglo-Boer War

I have a small, existing collection of Wargames Foundry 28mm Second Anglo-Boer War figures, and as part of my planning for 2012 I would like to expand this collection. My project theme for 2012 (at least for now!)
is to NOT start any major new periods, but to finish/add to some of my existing periods. Here are some pictures of my Boer War figs.

Perry Boers defending a Perry plastic house! The house is for the ACW, but works OK
for the Boer War. I should probably replace the shingled roof for a tin roof however for South Africa. I love these figs
and painted enough to do the "Duivelskloof (Devil's Chasm) skirmish scenario in Edwin Herbert's book "Wargaming in History - The 2nd Anglo-Boer War". I would like to paint enough figs to do a larger scenario, like the action on Spioenkop.
I have also considered doing larger scale battles in 10mm or 15mm. I would love to get my hands on some
old 15mm Naismith Boer-War figs and do a large scale battle like Colenso!

I painted mounted and dismounted versions of all the Boers, and riderless horses too!

Here are Capt. Percy Hunt and his men hunting for "bittereinders".
28mm Wargames Foundry Perry figs.


  1. Excellent! as you know I too have a hankering to embrace this subject a little more in 2012. I was going to pick up the Empress Boers as a start, which might prove useful with their possible head swops.

  2. Michael, thanks! Maybe we can put some peer pressure on each other to paint more Boer War figs! Let me know what rules you are going to use.

  3. I love the overall look 'The Too Fat Lardies" have for their Anglo-Boer War game. Great stuff:

  4. Good idea with the ACW building being used for Africa. Great blog.