Sunday, September 25, 2011

28mm War of the Roses

28mm War of the Roses game. I just set this up and we will be playing soon. Here are some pictures!

The local townsfolk...they are debating about getting involved in the fight. Most of these figures are old
Wargames Foundry Perry figures. I'll let the players roll some dice to determine what these guys will do!

Old Glory wounded figues hurt in the initial pre-battle skirmishing!

A light unit of horse moves toward the bridge.

The line of battle. We are using "Medieval Tactica" by Arty Conliffe (with a few house modifications). These are a great set of rules for the period. I just picked up a copy of "Hail Ceasar" and am looking forward to trying them.

Mounted Knights in reserve. These are Old Glory figures.

Skirmishers advance!

Line of battle - mostly Front Rank figures.

Lord Wenlock - painted for the massive Tewkesbury game Titch and are are planning to run soon at a Con near you!

Burgundian pikemen

These are old Grenadier figures I picked up years ago at the Sword of the Phoenix in Atlanta, GA.

An overview of the battle....mostly skirmishing will occur on this side of the table.

Another view of the battle....this will be where most of the heavy fighting will occur. The "hot spot" is caused by the sun coming through the window in my gaming room, but it makes for a great "sunrise" shot!


  1. Have fun playing. It sure looks good and be looking forward to the report.