Saturday, September 24, 2011

15mm DBA

My good friend, Titch W., rolled into town recently for a visit and some gaming. We hit the local gaming store first - Wargames, Inc., and then played two DBA games. Here are some pictures of the games and Titch's nicely painted 15mm armies.

Titch unpacking his figs. I like his travel set-up in the tackle-box.

A Carthaginian elephant. I really enjoy this army because of the
diversity of troop types available. Nice paint job!

A roman element of "artillery". Some more nicely painted 15mm DBA
figures from the brush work of Titch.

The Roman initial set-up. I played the Romans and Titch played the Carthaginians in the first game. He
provided all the figures and we used my terrain.

Titch's Carthaginian DBA army deployed for battle.

Almost crunch time!

A decisive turn in the battle! The elephant and spears broke the center of the
Roman line. It was actually a close game but I lost the game by 1 element!

A shot of the second game we played - Romans vs Scythians. This game turned out to be
a quick Scythian victory. The light horse armies usually win or lose BIG!

A close up of Titch's Scythians. We had a lot of fun with the games and we are
definitely both looking forward to a rematch!


  1. Great looking set up there Cory.

    I'm always rather envious of anyone who gets to game DBA. Not just because they're gaming (which I don't get to do a lot of), but mainly because it means they've understood the DBA rules.

    Not being a trained Cryptoanalyst, I've always found them so incomprehensible that the book always ends up back on the pile 'for later reading'.

  2. You are right...funny you said that because one of the pics I didn't post was of Titch looking through the rules mid-game! lol
    We had to look up a lot of stuff!
    Take care,