Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kennesaw Mountain Wargamers at Nashcon 2011!

Greg M. and Bill A. will be marching to the sound of the guns this year, as it looks like they will be bringing their game to Nashcon on Friday evening and Saturday morning. They run an impressive 28mm Marlburin game on a huge table with approx. 2,500 figures. Greg and Bill are incredible painters and run their game using a quick and easy to learn variant of Fire and Fury. This is a game that you don't want to miss!  Here is a link to Greg's blog for more pictures of his figures:

A Marlburian game run by Greg and Bill at the Siege of Augusta.

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  1. Today I heard from Greg that they will be running a Friday evening game if you want to play in their game make sure you are there Friday!