Saturday, March 5, 2011

25mm American Civil War - "Johnny Reb" rules

25mm Johnny Reb Game

"Johnny Reb" by John Hill is my favorite set of rules for fighting miniature battles of the ACW. The historical accuracy, the hidden orders, and simultaneous movement all make for a very exciting game! I prefer to play JR 1 or 2 since they seem to work fine and I'm too stubborn to move on to JR 3. I wanted to teach my son's how to play JR so we set up a small scenario with each player controlling one brigade. I took the Yanks on defense and my two sons played the Rebs. The Yanks put up a good fight, but eventually they were flanked on their left and had to retreat back across the stream. Here are some pics from the first few turns of our game!

The 28 KY holds a fence line! 25mm ACW figures. These are a mix of Old Glory and Dixon.

The Union defensive line

25mm ACW figures. An overview of the Union line in our playtest scenario.

Advance! 25mm Perry Foundry rebs advance to the the sound of the guns! These just happen to be FL boys!

Another shot of the Rebs!

The view from the attic!

25mm Old Glory, 1st Corps and Dixon figures. They have been given the order to "Hold".

A Union battery anchors the line.

An overview of the scenario and the gaming room!


  1. Cory:

    Great pictures!

    I was just thinking the other day about when we had all the CS guys to your house for the secret JR university. Remember the surprise on the old grognards' faces when suddenly the nubies knew the rules and cold go toe-to-toe with them!


  2. Buck,

    Yeah, we had some great games in Tally! I really enjoyed some of the big JR games, the Tactica games, your 25mm BFE games, and of course "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your Spear!"