Friday, February 4, 2011

15mm Seven Years War game

The Austrian extreme left flank. The line holding the stone wall is starting to shake as the elite grenadier reserves move up to support.

The cavalry battle on the Prussian left flank. 15mm SYW Old Glory SYW figures.

The Prussian attack on the Austrian left flank! Mixed 15mm figures.

Austrian artillery. 15mm Old Glory

Prussian line infantry on the attack! These figures are old Mini-Figs!

Austrian heavy artilley

The Prussian attack on the Austrian left flank.

15mm Prussian Dragoons. These are old Frontier figures I bought at Modeller's Mart in FL years ago.

An overview of the battle


  1. I am not the most skilled photographer. These were taken with my iPhone!

  2. These look great Cory! I can't wait to get started on the rules for this. Daylight makes all the difference in the world in that room doesn't it? (For photographs, I mean)


  3. Chris, I spent some more time today taking all of my hand-written notes and typing them into something I can send you, so you can work your magic!