Wednesday, February 16, 2011

15mm American War of Independance

15 mm AWI

These pictures are from a recent 15mm AWI game. We are using the same DBX horse and musket rules that we played the SYW game with. The AWI is another of my favorite periods. My favorite figures for the period are the Polly Oliver figs. They are well proportioned and the detail is fantastic. My only complaint is that their bayonets and muskets are somewhat fragile.
The British 64th Regiment of Foot advances towards the enemy position.

American militia defending a fence line. These are mostly older Frontier figures. What they lack in detail they make up for in character!

The Highlanders advance. These units were held off the board at the start of the game and the British commander had to roll each turn for their arrival. They showed up on turn 5!

15mm Old Glory 1st Foot Guards

The Continental position. These are 15mm Polly Oliver figures.

An overview of the battle. The British loyalists are attacking on the left, the Hessians in the middle and the British on their right flank.

An overview of the battle from the opposite perspective.

The British Legion and The Queen's Hussars

Continental line infantry. 15mm Old Glory figures.

Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Polly Oliver figures screened by light infantry.

15mm AWI French Grenadiers

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