Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Marengo 1800

Marengo 1800 -

- We recently got together and played Marengo 1800 at the grand-tactical scale using 15mm figures and Napoleon's Battles 1st edition!

We had a great time breaking out this old set of rules. My old gaming group In Tallahassee played "Empire" for years and then we were thrilled when "Napoleon's Battles" was published. We went through the mess of rebasing everything and then really never looked back. NB faced a lot of criticism from Napoleonic players, but for me it was always a fun game, and represented grand-tactical Napoleonics in a fun way with a great "feel" for the period with realistic results. I think that people still play it today and it is in it's 4th edition speaks for what a wonderful game it is.

The figures are mostly old 15mm Napoleonics with a few Naismith's, MiniFigs, Essex and Battle Honours. I don't have any 15mm Italian buildings, so I used my old 15mm Architectural Heritage German buildings.

The terrain was a Cigar Box cloth terrain mat, with cut out roads, some cloth fields, a bunch of trees and lichen and some plastic rivers and streams.

Please see the pics and captions below for a recap of the action!

Me - the calm before the storm in the gaming room.

The initial starting positions.

Chris W (Left - Napoleon) and Chris E. (Melas)

The first few turns.

A stalemate developed along the river.

Eventually the Austrians turned both French flanks and were able to get their cavalry out in the open to disrupt
arriving French reinforcements.

Austrian infantry and horse have crossed the river and are flanking the
hard hitting French infantry in the center around Marengo. Austrian cavalry can be seen in the background moving
to intercept arriving french infantry.

The Austrian flanking force! The French troops deployed around Marengo were cut up pretty bad, and the
French cavalry had been routed from the field. It was a tough day for the French!

The French were forced  to form up around Villanova. With their center cut up, and all their cavalry having fled the field , we called it a night. I did play out the battle for a few more turns solo  and the French looked like they might have started to have a little more success with their reinforcements arriving! Just like the historical battle!

It was a great, fun night with friends! Isn't that what this hobby is all about?

Good Gaming! Cory 


  1. It looks like you all had a great game and the board looked wonderful Cory.

  2. A nice looking game on a wonderful table!

  3. Enjoyed - one of my favourite battles - thanks.

  4. Great game. NB is always fun😀. I like the changes in the 4th edition.