Friday, March 21, 2014

A few more 10mm ACW

I've been painting away on the 10mm figures! My plan is to paint the OOB for Shiloh (at least the east flank) using the upcoming, grand tactical "Across A Deadly Field" rules. A unit is only two stands consisting of typically 3-5 figures per stand so I should be able to build up quite a few units quickly. As I mentioned in my first 10mm ACW post, I enjoy painting these figures, and they definitely appeal to the "wargaming" side of the hobby for me, but I'm not going to give up painting my 28mm figures anytime soon. I still prefer the larger scale and they appeal to the painter/modeler side of the hobby that I really joy. Well anyway, here are some new iPhone pictures:

Two Federal units advance. These are my newest additions.

The Rebs!

The officer is a new addition.

This is what I have painted so far, with a few more units primed and ready to paint. 


  1. Great looking units Cory! I was a bit shocked when you wrote you wanted to paint the OOB of Shiloh, at least the regts are only 2 stands!!

  2. Beautiful units, love the command stand!

  3. Really amazing brushwork on these fine sculpts - 10mm?! no less. Impressive

  4. So much detail in something so small - amazing!

  5. Looking good and for sure a practical scale.


  6. Very nice indeed

    Take care