Monday, March 25, 2013

15mm ACW Convention Game Pics

15mm American Civil War

I've been spending a lot of time lately putting together some loose ends for a 28mm ACW game I'm going to run at this year's Nashcon. While rooting through my junk, I found an old CD labeled "Nashcon 2004". I had to pop it in to my computer to see what kind of pics were on it and I found some old pics of a 15mm game I ran at the convention! I think my painting and terrain have improved since 2004, but I thought I'd share anyway!

The scenario came from the original booklet that came included with "Johnny Reb 1". It is a hypothetical scenario dealing with what might have happened on Sept. 19, 1863, if Major General John Breckinridge's division had been allowed to execute their attack on the troops of Maj. Gen. James S. Negley at extreme end of the Union right flank at Chickamauga, Ga. Historically, General Bragg recalled Breckinridge, and ordered his men to march to the rear and north. This scenario is one of those classic, "what could have happened" scenarios that wargamers love to explore.

The scenario plays at what I consider the "sweet spot" for "Johnny Reb 2" ,which is about a division per side. This size makes for an enjoyable tactical game, but one that can be completed a few hours time, which is perfect for conventions.

I've always liked this scenario and consider it a "classic". It provides a tactical situation where each side has about the same number of troops, but the CSA side starts with a concentrated force, and the USA must  formulate a plan to stall the CSA, but also pick a concentration point and defend. I've played this scenario many times, and it always provides for an exciting game.

The pics were taken by Gary Peaveyhouse, who also played as a USA general - thanks! Here are some supply wagons passing by a farm house along the Dry Valley Road.

The CSA commanders - from the letf - John O. (rolling the dice) and Ken J. You can see the initial CSA Brigade (in front of the red barn) strung out in line about to advance!  

Union troops marching down the Dry Valley Road to the sound of the guns.

Me in the light blue shirt telling a gamer to "back away"! Actually I think I'm explaining Union off board troop positions.

The Federal troops marching down Dry Valley Rd. to the sound of intense fighting in the woods..

Another view of the game. One of the Union players, John R. (white shirt) has come over the CSA side to get a better look at one of the figures. The scenario was called as a Union tactical victory. The CSA had great initial success, but got bogged down in the woods, and then made little progress against the fresh USA reinforcements.


  1. Fantastic looking terrain!

  2. Looks impressive in 15mm but stay with those 28's.

    1. Pat, Yes! I've moved away from the 15's and have been entrenched in 28mm for the last few years! Cheers - Cory

  3. That looks like a swell time Cory, maybe some day we could have a game.