Monday, January 21, 2013

The Battle of Mill Springs 1862

The Battle of Mill Springs 1862

Last Saturday Al hosted a Regimental Fire and Fury game of the Battle of Mill Springs. As a nice twist, the game was hosted exactly on the 151st anniversary of the battle. "Lord" Al Gaiser hosted the game using his hordes of nicely painted 25mm ACW figures and great terrain. Here are a few pictures of the game:

Here's a link to some info on the battle:

The gamemaster -Lord Al - note his T-shirt!

A picture of the game from the CSA starting positions. The battle was a small, early war battle fought in KY, and was significant as an important early Union victory.

The end of the first turn. The Rebs have advanced! I played on the CSA side. I had to leave early in the action, but I heard that the CSA pulled out the win and everyone had a great time! 

Al normally plays skirmish type games like "Brother against Brother", so he mounted his figs on magnetic bases for this game. These are some of his great looking 28mm Dixon figs.

A very nice command stand in Lord Al's collection.

Another view of Al's great terrain and figs!

The local wargaming store. This is a great place - if you are in the area be sure to swing by, buy some stuff, and say hi to the owner Baxter!
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  1. Cracking looking game and I loved that command stand.

    1. Thanks! I'm trying to figure out how he made that tent so I can make some for myself!

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    1. Ray, thanks! Yes we had a good time playing Regimental Fire and Fury.

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    1. Thanks Pat - it was a great way to spend some spare time!

  4. Nice looking game! I'm painting up some Rebs as I write.


  5. Very nice! The command stand is awesome!

  6. Very nice battle. And interesting the "Regimental Fire & Fury", interesting...