Sunday, October 9, 2011

Perry War of the Roses plastics

I had some free time this weekend, so I decided to start work on my plastic, Perry, War of the Roses figures. The figures are amazing, but I knew I was in for a job when I opened the box. Sometimes I think I would just rather pay more for lead figures then to have to fight with the super-glue and X-acto knife! But anyway, I had a good time of it because I moved from my normal work area, to the family room so I could watch college football on Saturday (go Noles!) and the NFL on Sunday (go Titans)! I was able to get all 80 figures cut, glued and  assembled by Sunday afternoon. I did like how I was able to customize each figure. I also glued each figure to a card base, since I like to have a larger sized base to hold when I'm painting. I divided up the figures into a 32 man polearm unit and two 24 man archer units. They will be getting primed black here in the near future.

Working on the figures. I have them grouped into their units here. Some are already mouted
to a card painting base. My arch-nemesis, Super Glue, is also pictured.

Another shot of my weekend project.

A painted 28mm Front Rank knight unit from the game we are currently playing.

A different view of the same mounted unit.

An overview of the battle.


  1. I can relate to that; I was bought a box of Perry Napoleonic line infantry at Salute last year.

    Way, way, too many little fiddly bits - they were consigned to the bottom of the pile, then eventually donated back to the chap that bought them for me.

    I salute your persistence!

  2. Thanks! They were very time consuming but turned out great. I still need to glue on a few odd and ends like swords, arrow bunches, etc. But I need a break for a few days! lol

  3. Nice looking figures, Perry do make some excellent figures.