Sunday, October 16, 2016

My latest painting projects

Well, here are some of the latest things off my paining table. I've been mixing it up a lot recently just to keep it fresh! I've been painting 28mm ACW (ACW Gamer figs), 10mm ACW for Fire and Fury, 28mm Crucible Crush 8th Army (pics in next blog post!), Flint and Feather 28mm, Kings of War and some random Call of Cthulhu figs. As far as gaming I'm looking forward to the release of the new brigade level Fire and Fury rules in 2017 and I've dusted off my old copy of "Napoleon's Battles" and am planning a refight of Marengo!

28mm Crucible Crush Flint and Feather Figures

10mm GHQ ACW figures. I'll use these with the new Fire and Fury brigade rules coming on Jan. 2017!

It came from the Deep!

The start of my 28mm Elven Army for Kings of War

28mm ACW Gamer figures

Take care! Cory

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The 33rd New Jersey Infantry Regiment

Hot of the painting table! Here are ACW Gamers 28mm ACW 33rd NJ figures. These figs are incredibly well sculpted and a joy to paint! Here are some pics -

Good gaming! Cory

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Latest projects!

I haven't been playing a lot recently, but I have been getting some painting in!

I ordered "Poseidon's Warriors" and have been playing around with it. It's a fun set of simple rules that really give a great "feel" for the period. I ordered some Langton 1/1200 galleys, which painted up quick and easy.

I'm also tinkering with some quick and easy Napleonic rules! Here are a couple shots from my 1809 "Along the Danube" game.

I also painted Old Glory's "Duel" vignette. It's a fun dozen figs which I might come up with some simple rules for.

Good gaming!


Monday, May 30, 2016

Vicksburg Game at Nashcon / Johnny Con 2016

I ran a 28mm ACW game this weekend at Nashcon / Johnny Con. It was a blast and has been my hobby project for the last few months, with painting lots of ACW figures, making earthworks, collecting abatis and cutting hills! 

It was well worth it since I think everybody had a great time playing! The game represented McClernand's Federal assault on earthworks on May 19th, 1863. The scenario was written by John Hill and was published in his classic scenario book "To the Sound of the Guns".

We fought the assault using 28mm figs (mostly Old Glory, Perry and Sash & Saber) and John Hill and GDW's "Johnny Reb 2" rules. 

The Confederate players were able to deploy their troops hidden in the earthworks however they wished (except the heavy guns which had to be in the forts). 

The Federals has to cross over the abatis and attack into the teeth of the works. Their objective was to capture two of the three redoubts. 

It was a hard fought game, but the Federals were able to capture the Square Fort on the Rebel right, which was held only by an artillery battery (which ran low on ammo) and two green dismounted cavalry regiments. Once the line was breached, the Rebel players morale sunk and they eventually threw in the towel! 

The game was played by a bunch of great guys that are part of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society, and gather once a year at "Johnny Con" to play all versions of Johnny Reb and ADF.

Here are some pictures from the game. Some of these were taken by my friend David Raybin -

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Some thoughts on current and future projects...

Well, I'm currently working on 28mm ACW for a Vicksburg game that I will run at Nashcon in May. I always like to choose a scenario that I don't have everything ready for, so that I'll need to paint and build terrain. It's always good to have a challenge!

15mm Shiloh game is on my gaming table at the moment.

I need to paint 85 Union infantry (4 units) , and I'm ahead of schedule there. I have painted 65 and just have a 28mm unit of Sash and Saber "Western Federal Infantry" on the painting table (20 figs). I also painted 4 siege artillery pieces and crews, and am painting an officer or two as well. I had planned to paint all March and April and then focus on terrain the first few weeks of May and then have the game ready by May 20th (for a test play) and then ready to run at the convention on May 27th. It looks like I'll be done painting soon, so I can start on my terrain earlier than planned.

Some of the Siege guns for the Vicksburg game. These are Perry castings.

As far as terrain, I'll be using two mats (makes it easy to travel with and set up) laid over some carved styrofoam hills. It should look great I think! I'll then need a lot of earthworks and forts for Vicksburg, but I have some experience with making these and I can cut them out of extra foam, paint them brown, add some sand, dry brush and they will work fine. I've been combing the yard for small sticks as well too for use as abatis! I'll definitely take some pics of the game and post them when ready!

On another note, I think I'm done with starting new periods in 15mm. That was my "go to" scale for years, but I've been transitioning to 28mm figs. They look better, I can see them better, and for me they take about the same amount of time to paint. The only downside is that they take up much more room on my 8x5 gaming table. I will still add to my existing 15mm armies (Nap, SYW, ACW and AWI), but as one of my friends says..."no new periods"! How about you?

I will add to my 15mm SYW Austrians and Prussians soon I think. I've been looking some Blue Moon figs and they look great! I'll either break out Koenig Krieg, the new Age of Reason, or my favorite SYW rules from Dean West - Final Argument of Kings.

I have a bunch of Old Glory 15mm French and Austrians for 1809 that still need some work too, and I haven't played NAP's in a while. We used to play a lot of "Napoelon's Battles", but I haven't found a set of NAP rules I'm fond of since then. I'd like to switch to a tactical set of rules. Maybe I should try "General de Brigade"? Any suggestions?

ACW Union on the painting table along with some Frostgrave fantasy figs.

The 15mm AWI will have to wait, since I'm thinking about leaping into 28mm or 40mm (Sash and Saber) AWI in the future. there 40mm stuff really looks great!

I have added 10mm ACW to my collection, which is ridiculous since I have it in 15mm and 28mm, but as they say, collecting is Hell! My friend, John, gave me some 10mm ACW a couple years ago and I enjoyed painting them, so I guess why not have my favorite period in three scales? My friend Chris is also painting 10mm ACW, so it has helped keep me interested in painting it. I don't have a lot , but the collections is growing! Oh, I forgot to mention I have ACW in 2mm too! I guess I just need 6mm!

As far as future projects, I have a box full of 28mm Old Glory (and some old Mini-Fig) Boer War figs that I think I'll start on soon. I had this period a few years ago, sold it off, and have regretted it. We used to have fun playing The Sword and The Flame back in Tallahassee at the gaming club.

I've also been thinking about 28mm Mexican - American War. It's a less well known period, but there are lots of colorful units and some great battles and campaigns to fight! I'm thinking about building the OOB for "Buena Vista".

Naval has been pulling at me too! I'm thinking about 1/2400 pre-dreadnoughts, especially the Spanish-American War period. Or maybe I'll do Ironclads again? You never know, but that's what makes it fun!

I was at Shiloh recently. This is the Confederate view of the Federals across Duncan Field. The Federals were in the woodline (The Hornet's Nest) and were being hammered by Ruggle's concentrated CSA batteries.

Of course I've been thinking about getting into 28mm NAP's as well, but I just keep holding off! Maybe in my next wave of future projects! So what are you working on?

Take care and good gaming!


Sunday, February 21, 2016


I've been painting a bunch of ACW lately, since I'm getting ready for a game I'm going to run at a convention in May. 

I still have plenty of time, but I need to paint another brigade of Yankees (80 figs), more siege artillery, and a bunch of earthworks and redoubts since it will be a Vicksburg game! 

Here are some of the figs fresh off the painting table! These are mostly ACW Gamer 28mm figures, and I think they look awesome, and they just might be my favorite ACW figures at the moment.

The heavy siege artillery is from Perry Miniatures, and of course, they are great figures as too! The two ranges blend well together I think. Anyway, here are the pics:

Good gaming!


Gen. Cleburne leading the charge at Franklin, TN.

Albert Sidney Johnston at Shiloh.

Both of the ACW Gamer sets.

The big guns! 24# smoothbore guns from  Perry Miniatures.

Monday, February 8, 2016

War of the Roses

Here are some pics from two 25mm War of the Roses games we recently played. I enjoy using Arty Conliffe's excellent "Medieval Tactica" rules.

They are fun, fast, simple and provide for a great game with a feel for the period.

Good Gaming,