Sunday, November 1, 2015

25mm War of the Roses

Here is the freshest unit off my painting table! It's a 30 figure bill unit for my War of the Roses games. I use Medieval Tactica and it provides a fun and quick game with a great period feel.

So what's on the painting table now...I'm working on 10mm ACW for Fire and Fury! 

Good gaming!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

28mm North Africa - Bolt Action

We've been getting into Bolt Action lately as a fun and simple way to game WW2. We wanted to limit the amount of heavy tanks and equipment so we picked the War in North Africa 1941-1943. 

So far we've been having a blast! I've been painting Germans and British, as well as my friend Chris. Tyler has been painting Italians, and John has been painting some French. 

Here are some pics from our last game:

Good gaming - Cory

Monday, June 22, 2015

My Bolt Action 8th Army figs!

This is the beginning of my British 8th Army Desert Rat force for Bolt Action. I've painted about the same amount of DAK, and have another box of plastic DAK on the painting table.

Me and some friends are planning a big North Africa game in the not too distant future. We have guys building Italians, French, and more Rats and DAK. It should be pretty epic!

Here are some pics:

Crescent Root Studios buildings.

The DAK!

Good Gaming! Cory

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A few pics from Nashcon.

Here are a few pictures from Nashcon in May. This is fantastic, regional convention hosted every Memorial Day weekend in Nashville, TN.

Good Gaming - Cory


Figures fresh off the painting table!

Here's a test post to see if I can post to the blog with a mobile app! If it works out ok it will be great to post on the fly from conventions and shows! 

Here are some 28mm Old Glory ACW figures I recently painted. I'll be using these for my favorite set of tactical ACW rules "Johnny Reb"! This is my first foray into painting limbers and I think I'll paint one limber per battery.

Cheers! Cory

Monday, May 25, 2015

The War of the Roses!

The opening set-up! 

This Saturday morning, me and and My friend Titch, ran a 28mm Tactica Medieval game at Nashcon, in Franklin, TN. We were able to lay out the basic terrain the night before, so all we had to worry about in the morning was getting the troops on the table!

Tactica is my "go to" set of rules for my personal ancients and medieval gaming, but it also works great at conventions because of its simplicity and of course everyone loves to roll hand fulls of dice! We basically play the rules "as is", but we've made a few house rules to cover artillery, and made some of the movement / formation changes a little more flexible. A lot of people commented on the rules, and how they used to play and enjoy Tactica. One father walked by with his teenage son and said, "these rules are older than you"! A lot of people asked where they could buy a copy.

The Lancastrians are moving their troops!

We had a great time fighting out another battle between the Yorkists and Lancastrians. The Lancastrians pulled out a victory this year, but I'm certain the Yorkists will rally and raise another army for another battle next year! We run this game every year at Nashcon and have made it part of an ongoing campaign narrative.

The Bloody Hill

An overview of the battle



Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seven Years War - 15mm

I've been really enjoying playing these 15mm SYW games again! I had built 15mm SYW Prussian and Austrian armies years ago for "Koenig Krieg", but in the last few years they have just been collecting dust on the shelf in their cigar boxes! I finally found time to set up two games and take some pictures. The pics are mostly from the initial setup of one of the games. We have played two games with the first game being a draw and the second a minor Austrian tactical victory. We had a great time each game!

I'm currently using a home brewed regimental version of DBX (heavily modified) for the rules, which gives a quick and easy game. If I can find time I'll type up the rules and post.

My painting lately has been all 28mm, with ACW, War of the Roses, and Afrika Korps (and even some fantasy for Kings of War). It was nice to revisit the little guys again. I doubt I'll paint the SYW in 28mm, so I just might have to pick up some 18mm Blue Moon SYW to add some more troops to my collection. You never know...there might be a SYW campaign in the future! Anyway, here are some pics from the game:

Good Gaming - Cory R.

The opposing armies - the Austrians on the left and the attacking Prussians on the right.

A view from the Austrian position.

Austrians defending the ridge. Fire!

The Prussians piecemeal advance on the Austrian center.

A small village to the rear of the Austrian left flank.

Prussian dragoons charge!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Deutsches Afrikakorps

Well, the local gamers have bitten the Bolt Action bug pretty hard, so I've decided to jump in. They are doing all of the typical late war cool tanks and equipment stuff, but I wanted to do something earlier in the War, so me and my buddy Chris decided to start with North Africa 1941-1943. He's doing 8th Army and I'm doing DAK. Another local guy has some Italians, so we should be able to run some decent games.

I like Bolt Action, but I've also picked up Chain of Command and would like to give those rules a try too. Here are some of my pictures. I still need some decals for the tanks and vehicles, and I need to hit everything with a matte finish still..... but at least you get the idea of what I'm working on for my first project of 2015.

Good Gaming - Cory

The DAK deployed around a small village.

Recon moving out to scout ahead of the Panzer III's. I still need some decals for the vehicles.

Some of the Perry plastic infantry. I've painted one of two boxes so far.

The 88, with Perry metal crew.  I still need to buy the transport.

Another overview of the village.

A PAK and some machine guns hold the line on a ridge behind some barbed wire.

Another view of the village.