Sunday, July 28, 2013

28mm Old West Figures

I'm working on a 28mm Old West skirmish game with my friend Chris. He's currently assembling 4Ground buildings and I'm painting figures. We are likely going to use "Dead Man's Hand", "Desperado", the old TSR game "Boot Hill",.... or write our own rules! Any suggestions? Anyway, here are a few shots of what I'm working on. These are wonderful 28mm figures from Knuckleduster, which I highly recommend!

Link to Knuckleduster's 28mm Old West figures:

The Franklin Brothers are looking for trouble!

"Old John" Selman  and Zip Wyatt are some of the fastest guns that ever lived!

Sgt. Williamson - US Cavalry - bringing some law and order to town!

"Dastardly" Dave Slade - outlaw

Things are about to get ugly in "Promise City"

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's new on the painting table?

Well, my painting table probably looks a lot like the "typical gamers"...I usually have 3-4 different projects going on at once! I don't have any new painted units to share, but here's what I've been staying busy working on:

*  A 28mm, 20 figure, western Federal Dixon ACW unit for "Johnny Reb". I've been eying the Sash and Saber figures lately and I plan on adding some of them to my collection soon.

* A gang of Dixon Wild West figures for Dead Man's Hand. Dixon still sets the standard Wild West figures!

* A unit of 10mm Games Workshop Elven bowmen for Warmaster. I've only played a couple games, but my friend Chris has a bunch of Warmaster armies and I'm building a High-Elf army to play some more games against him. These are the little, black primed guys in back!

* A bunch of 25mm Knuckleduster Gunfighter figures I picked up at Nashcon. This is a great little company! They make wonderful 25mm Western figures and 25mm War of 1812 figures (and a few other ranges).
Here's a link to their webpage:

The chaos on my painting table! What are you painting?

A close up of the primed Knuckleduster figures. I really like the look of these guys. I see a few familiar movie characters in this crew!
Take care and good gaming! - Cory