Tuesday, July 17, 2012

118th Ohio Infantry

The 118th Ohio Infantry

This is my interpretation of the 118th OH Infantry. These are 28mm Dixon ACW
figures. I used a lighter blue wash on the uniforms, but I think it still looks "right" from the 2ft wargaming 
perspective. My older Union troops were painted in a dark navy blue, and they look quite dark
on the gaming table. This is the last unit I needed to paint to finish a brigade, and so I currently have Rebs
on the painting table. I have to mix it up a little bit to keep it fresh!

The 118th OH was a veteran unit recruited from Lima, Mansfield and Cincinnati, Ohio in August 1862.
They fought in the Atlanta Campaign, Franklin-Nashville Campaign and finally in the Carolinas. They
were mustered out on June 24th, 1865. I am painting troops from the Battle of Franklin and the 118th OH
fought on the main line of works between the Locust Grove and Carter's Creek Pike. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/118th_Ohio_Infantry

28mm ACW Dixon figures marching past a farm. I'm going to post some
pics of the entire brigade soon.

Marching past the General! I can't wait to get these guys
on the gaming table.....although my freshly painted troops
always seem to rout in their first game!  

Rear view - these are based for "Johnny Reb 1 or 2" - each figure
is 20 men so this is a 500 man regiment. 

a closer view

The 118th OH in line of battle. Each infantry unit has 5 stands in JR 1&2.

Confederate spy's view from the woods!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

15mm AWI game pictures

15mm AWI pictures

About this time every year the AWI figures hit the tabletop! We ran a small scenario
where the British and Hessians were attacking a Continental camp. Here are a few pictures:

The Hessians chase some riflemen out of a small orchard. The Von Rall
grenadiers are excellent Polly Oliver figures. The musketeer unit and mounted general  are
from Old Glory.

15mm Frontier Miniatures Continental Line - these are old figures
that I painted back in the 90's. I used to visit Modeler's Mart in FL,
where these figures were cast. The figures aren't great by today's
standards, but I am quite nostalgic about them. I'm sure you have a
range of figures you feel the same about!

15mm Frontier AWI Highlanders - I wish I could find someone
selling these figures today! I like the cast on flags and they
are super durable.

A picture of the last line of USA troops defending the camp.
They were able to hang on and pull of the win!

Highlanders advancing with some Polly Oliver troops
behind them. The Polly Oliver figures are finely detailed,
but the bayonets and muskets are very fragile.