Monday, June 22, 2015

My Bolt Action 8th Army figs!

This is the beginning of my British 8th Army Desert Rat force for Bolt Action. I've painted about the same amount of DAK, and have another box of plastic DAK on the painting table.

Me and some friends are planning a big North Africa game in the not too distant future. We have guys building Italians, French, and more Rats and DAK. It should be pretty epic!

Here are some pics:

Crescent Root Studios buildings.

The DAK!

Good Gaming! Cory

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A few pics from Nashcon.

Here are a few pictures from Nashcon in May. This is fantastic, regional convention hosted every Memorial Day weekend in Nashville, TN.

Good Gaming - Cory


Figures fresh off the painting table!

Here's a test post to see if I can post to the blog with a mobile app! If it works out ok it will be great to post on the fly from conventions and shows! 

Here are some 28mm Old Glory ACW figures I recently painted. I'll be using these for my favorite set of tactical ACW rules "Johnny Reb"! This is my first foray into painting limbers and I think I'll paint one limber per battery.

Cheers! Cory