Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seven Years War - 15mm

I've been really enjoying playing these 15mm SYW games again! I had built 15mm SYW Prussian and Austrian armies years ago for "Koenig Krieg", but in the last few years they have just been collecting dust on the shelf in their cigar boxes! I finally found time to set up two games and take some pictures. The pics are mostly from the initial setup of one of the games. We have played two games with the first game being a draw and the second a minor Austrian tactical victory. We had a great time each game!

I'm currently using a home brewed regimental version of DBX (heavily modified) for the rules, which gives a quick and easy game. If I can find time I'll type up the rules and post.

My painting lately has been all 28mm, with ACW, War of the Roses, and Afrika Korps (and even some fantasy for Kings of War). It was nice to revisit the little guys again. I doubt I'll paint the SYW in 28mm, so I just might have to pick up some 18mm Blue Moon SYW to add some more troops to my collection. You never know...there might be a SYW campaign in the future! Anyway, here are some pics from the game:

Good Gaming - Cory R.

The opposing armies - the Austrians on the left and the attacking Prussians on the right.

A view from the Austrian position.

Austrians defending the ridge. Fire!

The Prussians piecemeal advance on the Austrian center.

A small village to the rear of the Austrian left flank.

Prussian dragoons charge!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Deutsches Afrikakorps

Well, the local gamers have bitten the Bolt Action bug pretty hard, so I've decided to jump in. They are doing all of the typical late war cool tanks and equipment stuff, but I wanted to do something earlier in the War, so me and my buddy Chris decided to start with North Africa 1941-1943. He's doing 8th Army and I'm doing DAK. Another local guy has some Italians, so we should be able to run some decent games.

I like Bolt Action, but I've also picked up Chain of Command and would like to give those rules a try too. Here are some of my pictures. I still need some decals for the tanks and vehicles, and I need to hit everything with a matte finish still..... but at least you get the idea of what I'm working on for my first project of 2015.

Good Gaming - Cory

The DAK deployed around a small village.

Recon moving out to scout ahead of the Panzer III's. I still need some decals for the vehicles.

Some of the Perry plastic infantry. I've painted one of two boxes so far.

The 88, with Perry metal crew.  I still need to buy the transport.

Another overview of the village.

A PAK and some machine guns hold the line on a ridge behind some barbed wire.

Another view of the village.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

28mm ACW

Here are two new projects fresh off the painting table:

The 14th Brooklyn from Sash and Saber Miniatures. I had actually finished two stands of these in May to use for Nashcon, but I just recently got around to finishing the entire unit (5 stands), so here they are! I really enjoyed painting the S&S sculpts!

The 14th Brooklyn from Sash & Saber Miniatures.

The 14th Brooklyn - these were the first two stands I painted.

The next project was to make a converted Gen. Hood for the Nashville campaign. By 1864 he had lost his right leg and his left arm was severely wounded. I used a Sash and Saber figure for Hood and the other two figures are from Old Glory. Thanks to Stephen Huckaby for sending these figs to me!

Hood on crutches outside of Franklin, TN.

Gen. Hood, with amputated leg!

Good Gaming - Cory

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Some recent 15mm ACW pictures

Hey Guys - just sharing some of my recent 15mm ACW pictures! I got in a game of "Across A Deadly Field" recently and am looking to play some "Longstreet" or "Johnny Reb" in the near future too!

Good Gaming - Cory

Confederate attack on the Union position at Shiloh.

Give them double canister!

The attack on the Union camps! No coffee this morning boys!

15mm Naismith artillery defends the Hornet's Nest!

My 15mm Battle of Nashville 1864  table. The terrain is all ready to go and now I just need to add the troops!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shiloh - A stubborn East Flank

We played a 15mm ACW game of "Across A Deadly Field" yesterday. It was a refight of the same scenario I ran at Nashcon, but this time we used three stand 15mm figure units instead of two stand  25mm figure units. The scenario was written by John Hill and portrays Albert Sideney Johnston's vicious mid-morning attack on the Federal brigades of Stuart, Williams and McArthur. I believe this scenario will be included in the ADF - Western Scenario book from Osprey next year.

This is a small scenario for ADF which is perfect for two players.  Dean took the Feds and I played the Rebs. Turn one saw a general CSA advance (although it was slooooowwww through the woods and ravines) and almost no firing, with the Feds reacting to some of the Rebel movements.

Each turn in ADF has a lot of "play" in it  since one side has an "action" and then the other side may "react", and then the active side takes another "action". Once the active side has completed all of its actions, the opposing side now becomes the active side. It's a great game mechanic that really causes the player to plan out and prioritize his actions carefully.

Turn two opened with some CSA and USA artillery fire and and a Rebel charge that got stopped and thrown back, but another massed  CSA brigade charge broke the Union line near the peach orchard and caused one unit to rout and a couple other units to shake. We paused the game at that point to fire up grill for some lunch. By that time a couple other gamers had showed up and we just kept grilling and talking gaming into the evening and it was too late to return to the game before everyone had to go home. It was a great day of ACW gaming, friends and BBQ and we all planned to do it again soon!

The mat was commissioned by John Hill and I think it really looks fantastic! These might be available commercially later this year.

Here are some pics from the game:

Some of McArthur's brigade moving up to support the Union line near Larkin Bell's field.

Dean West moving his troops.

The Union  Brig Gen Stephen Hurlburt surveying the grim situation.

My friend Chris photo-bombing me (in black shirt) and Dean in my gaming room.

The big rebel charge that broke the Union line. I think if we would have played a few more turns, Dean could have easily stabilized the situation.

The Union gun line of four batteries holds the center. These guns were firing through the camps keeping the Rebs at bay.

An overview of the game during turn two. The Rebs have punched through the center of the USA line, although they are now exposed themselves! I think Dean would have cleaned this up quickly had the game continued. This is about the point where we stopped to BBQ.

After the battle....

Good Gaming - Cory

Sunday, August 17, 2014

More 15mm Naismith ACW

Well, as promised here are two more units I painted from my most recent Naismith 15mm ACW eBay purchase. I really love these old figures! They have a lot of charm and animation, although a few of the weapons are oddly sculpted. I'm getting ready for a big "Shiloh" game soon and painted these units specifically for that scenario. We'll be using "Johnny Reb 2" and playing the eastern flank of the battle.
I'll be sure to post an AAR. Good Gaming - Cory

The 5th Mississippi defends an orchard. I left the huge lead flag on one figure and cut it off the standard bearer at the rear. 

The 1st IL Battery  - defends an orchard at Shiloh

The Rebel firing line!

Will these boys hold the line and save the day for Grant?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

15mm Naismith ACW

I fell in love with the 15mm Naismith Design miniatures back in the late 80's. As I recall, I was at a convention in Jacksonville, FL (Suncoast Skirmishes)  and one of the vendors had a case full of these figures. Up until that point, I had only been painting 15mm ACW figures like Stone Mountain, Minifigs, Falcon, Donnington, etc. I walked up to the vendor and the Naismith figures just jumped out and slapped me! They were highly detailed, full of character and well animated. By today's standards they are not the best 15mm figures you can buy, but in the late 80's I would have ranked them at the top.

My old 1990 Navwar catalog 

 I was in college at the time and didn't have a lot of money, so I just bought a few packs. I remember placing a mail order a few months later after I was able to save some extra "miniatures money" and picked up a few more units. I think I sold some along the way (which I regret) but I still have quite a few of these old, cherished units in my collection.

Navwar are still in business, but from what I can tell they don't manufacture the 15mm ACW figures any more. I'm guessing the molds wore out, which is common with older ranges. If anyone knows the exact details of why they don't offer the ACW range anymore, or if anyone else does, please let me know! Here is a link to their website -

So basically I have been trolling eBay looking for these figures. They do pop up every once in while and I try to snatch them up! Here are some pictures of some packs I recently picked up:

I got these for steal on eBay! This will be enough for a unit and a few mounted generals.

AC 1 - private, campaign dress, kepi, advancing

And here are some pictures of the mounted command figures painted. I'll post pics of the infantry units when they are finished.

Two USA command stands and two CSA stands. These will likely serve as divisional or Corps commanders.

Great sculpting for 15mm figures! 

A Federal General

The four stands I finished recently. They will be put to good use soon in another Shiloh game.

15mm Naismith

Next to an old apple orchard built by my friend Bob Freeman.