Thursday, June 12, 2014

14th Brooklyn - 28mm Sash & Saber

Here is the newest unit off the painting table - the 14th Brooklyn, or the "Red Legged Devils". These were a joy to paint and are excellent Sash and Saber castings by Chris Hughes. In a rush to get some additional units completed for Nashcon, I  painted just two stands of the regiment for a game of "Across A Deadly Field" (10 figures). The remainder are on the painting table right now. Here is a link to some information on the unit:

 Here are a few shots:

The 14th Brooklyn advance! 

When it comes to gaming, I prefer thick bases so that the gamers have something to grab besides the figures. 

The 14th holds a fence line. 

Like most freshly painted units, these guys routed in their first game! 

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Battle of Shiloh - the Stubborn East Flank at Nashcon 2014

This last weekend I ran a game of John Hill's new rules "Across A Deadly Field" at Nashcon. The cool thing was that I ran the game with John Hill! Well, actually we both ran the game, but we also had support from Patrick Lebeau and Dean West. It was truly a team effort!

The historical situation involved the Rebel brigades of Chalmer, Jackson, Bowen and Statham slamming into the weak, and extremely strung out Federal extreme left flank at Shiloh held by the brigades of Stuart, McArthur, and Williams. The game was played in 28mm using 15mm buildings for ground scale.

John had a terrain mat printed, which is a great idea and a quick way to set up a game! Thanks John! He mailed it to me and I spent a hurried couple of weeks painting a few last units, making fences (about 1,000 toothpicks) and sanding down an insulation board to lay underneath the terrain mat to make 3D ravines.

The rules played fast and furious and we were able to play to a conclusion in a few hours. I really enjoy these new rules and they are definitely my new favorite rules for the ACW. They will be published by Osprey in July for release at Historicon. Here are a few pictures of the game:

Here is the table with all of the terrain ready, but no figures. 

The Rebs advance through the woods. Picture by John Hill.

One of the Federal players (Kermitt H.) studies his options.

The Rebs advance towards the Union position.  gave us some rulers to use for the game. Thanks!

The terrain mat had the names of key geographical features printed in it. It was great for observers and the players to use as reference points to explain the battle.

Dean West (with chart) explains the rules to some of the players.

The Rebs were able to drive the Yanks back to their base line and were declared the winner!

John Hill (left) looks over the battlefield.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

28mm Sash and Saber ACW Mounted Officers

I recently ordered some Sash and Saber figures from Chris Hughes. Chris is a great guy and sculpts S&S when he has free time from his full time sculpting gig at Old Glory. I ordered a pack of mounted USA officers, Gen. John Gordon and three packs of the 14th Brooklyn (1x command and 2x marching). The figures arrived in about a week, well packaged and with no damage. I was impressed with the sculpts and the customer service and will be ordering from Sash and Saber again. These are really great figs and I rank them right up there as "tied for first place" with Perry Miniatures ACW.  Here are some pictures:

The five mounted officers -  I ordered pack OUS20 - Mounted USA General Officers (4 figs). I painted them as CSA officers, except for one. Also pictured (left) is OCS1 - Gen. John Gordon.

I painted these specifically for a game of "Across A Deadly Field" at Nashcon 2014. I was short a few officers!

CSA Gen. John Gordon - pack OCS1 from Sash and Saber.

Observing Federal movements at Shiloh 1862.


A Federal officer. The farmhouse is by Perry Miniatures.

Another  mounted officer. I'm not finished with the 14th Brooklyn, but I'll post some pics as soon as I finish. Now I'm off to work on some terrain for the Nashcon game!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

25mm Frontier Miniatures ACW figures - 17th AL

I have a sweet spot for these old school Frontier Miniatures (80's) figures. I picked up a few on eBay recently and decided to paint some specifically for a game of "Across A Deadly Field" that I'm running at Nashcon in May. This is the 17th Alabama Infantry Regiment.

 The 17th were organized in Montgomery in August 1861. They fought at Shiloh in 1862, where they lost 125 killed and wounded. They have an impressive service record and later fought at Resaca, New Hope Church, Kennesaw, Peachtree Creek and Atlanta. They lost about 2/3 of their men at Franklin during the Nashville campaign.  A remnant later merged with other AL units and surrendered at Greensboro, N.C. in April 1865.

Being that they are recently painted and the convention game will be their first engagement.....I'm sure they will rout! Here are a few pictures:

25mm Frontier Figures - the 17th Alabama Infantry

The 17th AL advancing towards the Federal line at Shiloh - 1862

Another view of the 17th Al with the first CSA National flag

Side view

A sneak peek of the Shiloh scenario I'm working on for Nashcon. I still have to add lots of fences, orchards, camps, etc. I'm using 15mm buildings with 25mm fiures to keep the ground scale for the buildings correct. Thoughts?

Take care and Good Gaming! Cory

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some more ACW!

Well, my pots of grey and blue paint are running low! I've been painting ACW for a a while now and there is no end in sight.... well, actually maybe after Nashcon at the end of May I'll be able to take a break. At the moment I'm adding a few more units for a Shiloh game I'm running with John Hill to promote his new rules "Across A Deadly Field". I'm painting a 25mm Frontier Figures CSA infantry unit (17th AL) and I also ordered some Sash and Saber figures (mounted officers and the 14th Brooklyn). The castings are wonderful and I'll post some pics of those figures as soon as I'm finished. Here are some pics of the odds and ends I've been painting.

Confederate prisoners captured after the first days fighting at Shiloh. 28mm Dixon figures

Some Union engineers start on some entrenchments. Well, one man is working and the other is "supervising".

Some CSA engineers start on some works in front of an old farmhouse. 

A 10mm USA officer. I'm simultaneously working on a 10mm Shiloh project!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fresh off the painting table!

Here are some troops fresh off the painting table. I'm getting ready to run a 28mm ACW game at Nashcon in May and have been painting more morale markers for the game. I'm trying to move away from lots of table top clutter and have all my morale markers, statuses, casualties, etc. represented by some kind of miniature figure marker.

28mm War of the Roses - I've been painting some personalities for a game me and my friend Titch are going to run at Nashcon. These are old Wargames Foundry figures.

The yellow markers are for "Shaken" status in Johnny Reb and Across A Deadly Field. I like the way the fallen standard bearers turned out. Dixon and Wargames Foundry (Perry) figures.

Orange represents "low on ammo" in Johnny Reb, and will work for "Disorder" in Across A Deadly Field. These are 28mm Dixon figures passing out cartridge boxes.

Some individually based artillerymen (and a lone pioneer) to help man the guns in JR or to represent a section in ADF. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

A few more 10mm ACW

I've been painting away on the 10mm figures! My plan is to paint the OOB for Shiloh (at least the east flank) using the upcoming, grand tactical "Across A Deadly Field" rules. A unit is only two stands consisting of typically 3-5 figures per stand so I should be able to build up quite a few units quickly. As I mentioned in my first 10mm ACW post, I enjoy painting these figures, and they definitely appeal to the "wargaming" side of the hobby for me, but I'm not going to give up painting my 28mm figures anytime soon. I still prefer the larger scale and they appeal to the painter/modeler side of the hobby that I really joy. Well anyway, here are some new iPhone pictures:

Two Federal units advance. These are my newest additions.

The Rebs!

The officer is a new addition.

This is what I have painted so far, with a few more units primed and ready to paint.