Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oathmark Elves 28mm

Here a few shots of my recently painted elves from North Star UK. These aren't award winning paint jobs but I'm trying to get some large armies painted quickly and I think this wash/dry-brush technique will do the trick!

These are for the upcoming mass fantastic rules "Oathmark"! I'm lucky to be a playtester and the rules are coming along nicely! They are written by the author of Frostgrave - Joe McCullough and definitely have the same simple, fast and furious system appeal!

I really like these figures and they evoke a nice, nostalgic 80's Tolkien elf vibe! I plan on painting a "sea-elf" force and the shield transfers and banner fit the theme perfectly! Lots more units to come!

Cheers! Cory

Thursday, May 10, 2018

28mm French Legere! New project!


I've taken the dive into 28mm Napeoleonics, which I said I never would! Here is a picture of one of the first units I painted - the French 17th Regiment
Legere. This is an early war uniform as I plan to focus mostly on the Glory Years of 1805 to 1807! I plan on mainly using a modified version of "Johnny Reb", but also like "General de Armee"!

28mm Old Glory figures 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Marengo 1800

Marengo 1800 -

- We recently got together and played Marengo 1800 at the grand-tactical scale using 15mm figures and Napoleon's Battles 1st edition!

We had a great time breaking out this old set of rules. My old gaming group In Tallahassee played "Empire" for years and then we were thrilled when "Napoleon's Battles" was published. We went through the mess of rebasing everything and then really never looked back. NB faced a lot of criticism from Napoleonic players, but for me it was always a fun game, and represented grand-tactical Napoleonics in a fun way with a great "feel" for the period with realistic results. I think that people still play it today and it is in it's 4th edition speaks for what a wonderful game it is.

The figures are mostly old 15mm Napoleonics with a few Naismith's, MiniFigs, Essex and Battle Honours. I don't have any 15mm Italian buildings, so I used my old 15mm Architectural Heritage German buildings.

The terrain was a Cigar Box cloth terrain mat, with cut out roads, some cloth fields, a bunch of trees and lichen and some plastic rivers and streams.

Please see the pics and captions below for a recap of the action!

Me - the calm before the storm in the gaming room.

The initial starting positions.

Chris W (Left - Napoleon) and Chris E. (Melas)

The first few turns.

A stalemate developed along the river.

Eventually the Austrians turned both French flanks and were able to get their cavalry out in the open to disrupt
arriving French reinforcements.

Austrian infantry and horse have crossed the river and are flanking the
hard hitting French infantry in the center around Marengo. Austrian cavalry can be seen in the background moving
to intercept arriving french infantry.

The Austrian flanking force! The French troops deployed around Marengo were cut up pretty bad, and the
French cavalry had been routed from the field. It was a tough day for the French!

The French were forced  to form up around Villanova. With their center cut up, and all their cavalry having fled the field , we called it a night. I did play out the battle for a few more turns solo  and the French looked like they might have started to have a little more success with their reinforcements arriving! Just like the historical battle!

It was a great, fun night with friends! Isn't that what this hobby is all about?

Good Gaming! Cory 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

My latest painting projects

Well, here are some of the latest things off my paining table. I've been mixing it up a lot recently just to keep it fresh! I've been painting 28mm ACW (ACW Gamer figs), 10mm ACW for Fire and Fury, 28mm Crucible Crush 8th Army (pics in next blog post!), Flint and Feather 28mm, Kings of War and some random Call of Cthulhu figs. As far as gaming I'm looking forward to the release of the new brigade level Fire and Fury rules in 2017 and I've dusted off my old copy of "Napoleon's Battles" and am planning a refight of Marengo!

28mm Crucible Crush Flint and Feather Figures

10mm GHQ ACW figures. I'll use these with the new Fire and Fury brigade rules coming on Jan. 2017!

It came from the Deep!

The start of my 28mm Elven Army for Kings of War

28mm ACW Gamer figures

Take care! Cory

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The 33rd New Jersey Infantry Regiment

Hot of the painting table! Here are ACW Gamers 28mm ACW 33rd NJ figures. These figs are incredibly well sculpted and a joy to paint! Here are some pics -

Good gaming! Cory

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Latest projects!

I haven't been playing a lot recently, but I have been getting some painting in!

I ordered "Poseidon's Warriors" and have been playing around with it. It's a fun set of simple rules that really give a great "feel" for the period. I ordered some Langton 1/1200 galleys, which painted up quick and easy.

I'm also tinkering with some quick and easy Napleonic rules! Here are a couple shots from my 1809 "Along the Danube" game.

I also painted Old Glory's "Duel" vignette. It's a fun dozen figs which I might come up with some simple rules for.

Good gaming!


Monday, May 30, 2016

Vicksburg Game at Nashcon / Johnny Con 2016

I ran a 28mm ACW game this weekend at Nashcon / Johnny Con. It was a blast and has been my hobby project for the last few months, with painting lots of ACW figures, making earthworks, collecting abatis and cutting hills! 

It was well worth it since I think everybody had a great time playing! The game represented McClernand's Federal assault on earthworks on May 19th, 1863. The scenario was written by John Hill and was published in his classic scenario book "To the Sound of the Guns".

We fought the assault using 28mm figs (mostly Old Glory, Perry and Sash & Saber) and John Hill and GDW's "Johnny Reb 2" rules. 

The Confederate players were able to deploy their troops hidden in the earthworks however they wished (except the heavy guns which had to be in the forts). 

The Federals has to cross over the abatis and attack into the teeth of the works. Their objective was to capture two of the three redoubts. 

It was a hard fought game, but the Federals were able to capture the Square Fort on the Rebel right, which was held only by an artillery battery (which ran low on ammo) and two green dismounted cavalry regiments. Once the line was breached, the Rebel players morale sunk and they eventually threw in the towel! 

The game was played by a bunch of great guys that are part of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society, and gather once a year at "Johnny Con" to play all versions of Johnny Reb and ADF.

Here are some pictures from the game. Some of these were taken by my friend David Raybin -