Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fresh off the painting table!

Here are some troops fresh off the painting table. I'm getting ready to run a 28mm ACW game at Nashcon in May and have been painting more morale markers for the game. I'm trying to move away from lots of table top clutter and have all my morale markers, statuses, casualties, etc. represented by some kind of miniature figure marker.

28mm War of the Roses - I've been painting some personalities for a game me and my friend Titch are going to run at Nashcon. These are old Wargames Foundry figures.

The yellow markers are for "Shaken" status in Johnny Reb and Across A Deadly Field. I like the way the fallen standard bearers turned out. Dixon and Wargames Foundry (Perry) figures.

Orange represents "low on ammo" in Johnny Reb, and will work for "Disorder" in Across A Deadly Field. These are 28mm Dixon figures passing out cartridge boxes.

Some individually based artillerymen (and a lone pioneer) to help man the guns in JR or to represent a section in ADF. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

A few more 10mm ACW

I've been painting away on the 10mm figures! My plan is to paint the OOB for Shiloh (at least the east flank) using the upcoming, grand tactical "Across A Deadly Field" rules. A unit is only two stands consisting of typically 3-5 figures per stand so I should be able to build up quite a few units quickly. As I mentioned in my first 10mm ACW post, I enjoy painting these figures, and they definitely appeal to the "wargaming" side of the hobby for me, but I'm not going to give up painting my 28mm figures anytime soon. I still prefer the larger scale and they appeal to the painter/modeler side of the hobby that I really joy. Well anyway, here are some new iPhone pictures:

Two Federal units advance. These are my newest additions.

The Rebs!

The officer is a new addition.

This is what I have painted so far, with a few more units primed and ready to paint. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

My first foray into ACW 10mm

Well, I just jumped into the world of the little guys....10mm! This all came about when I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to build armies for the new, grand tactical ACW rules "Across A Deadly Field". These rules are for fighting the BIG battles, and my 15mm and 28mm armies on my table wouldn't give me the ground scale I was looking for. I had thought about 6mm or 10mm and in a conversation he told me that he had a bunch a 10mm figures just collecting dust that he would let me have. (Thanks John!) I have since picked up a few things off eBay.

I'm planning on painting the OOB for Shiloh, and I started with the 52nd TN under the leadership of Col. Benjamin Lea. Like many CSA units in 1862, this is a green unit going into battle with mixed flintlocks. Brave lads!

I like the look of the 10mm figures, but they appeal more to my "wargamer" side and less to my "painting and modeling" side. Lots of 10mm units will look great marching across the tabletop, but I'm not ready to give up painting 28mm yet!

Sorting the pile of lead that my friend sent me!

Getting ready to prime a few units and a Gen.

I thought I would go with a wash on these guys. I'll try a black prime and dry brush on the next batch and see which I like better.

The 52nd Tennessee. I like the early war CSA flags. I painted a first national CSA flag on this unit.

I believe these are GHQ figures.

Forward 52nd! At only 6-10 figures a unit I can have the armies ready for Shiloh pretty quick I think. As long as I can find some painting time!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

ACW Naval Action!

The local gamers have been getting together and hosting large "games days". I was able to briefly make it by yesterday and was really impressed with David R's. ACW naval game. I've played his game before and it's a simple, fun and action packed time! The scenario was the "Battle of Neely's Bend" in Nashville on the Cumberland River and the Confederates squeaked out a victory. Here are some pics of his amazing boats:


These are big boats...probably 12-18 inches long! There is a line of torpedoes in the middle of the table and CSA artillery on the bank in the the right middle.

The CSA fleet.

The Yanks come steaming up the river!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

25mm Confederate Artillery

I recently painted these two CSA batteries. Each stand represents a section of two guns in "Johnny Reb 2". In JR2 each stand of artillery only needs two figures, but I painted some extras just for eye appeal, and also to represent additional sections when playing JR3 or "Across A Deadly Field".

These are old, true 25mm figures from Frontier Miniatures. They have a lot of "old school charm", but they sure were tough to clean up. They had massive amounts of flash and mold lines! I miss some of the figures from the "good old days", but I sure don't miss all the prep time! Take care - Cory

Perry's Florida Battery in action!

Phelan's Alabama Battery sends some shot and shell in the general direction of the Yankees!

Both batteries in action! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The 107th Regiment, Illinois Infantry

Hello! This is my first post of 2014! I hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Year! Here is my newest unit fresh off the painting table - the 107th Illinois. They fought at the Battle of Franklin in Nov. 1864 and were positioned in the middle of the Federal line. I used a slightly darker blue for their coats than I normally do, but I think it turned out Ok. They represent a 400 man regiment for the "Johnny Reb" rules that I am so fond of!

Some of my wargaming goals for 2014:

* Continue to paint more 28mm ACW so that I can run larger scenarios.
* Continue painting more 28mm War of the Roses. My friend Titch W. and I run a game at a local convention every year and we always like to have lots of new units painted and ready to play! It's fun to watch this game grow in size every year. I think we started with a six foot table and now need at least an 18 foot table.
* Boers....I sold off my 28mm Boers and Brits but am thinking about getting back into the period. Something keeps drawing me know the feeling!
* 28mm WWII - with Chain of Command and Bolt Action - I think it's time I joined in the fun. I think I'll start with "Normandy" Germans.
* Get my painting area organized! It's total chaos right now.
* How about you? What are you planning this year?

Take care - Cory

The 107th marching past a farm in Columbia, TN.

A close up of those charming Dixon figures!

107th ....advance!

A hardened unit of tough Federal westerners.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

ACW 28mm "Shiloh" game using Across A Deadly Field

We played a 28mm ACW game recently at my place. We used John Hill's soon to be published grand tactical rules "Across A Deadly Field". These should be available from Osprey in the Spring/Summer of 2014. I plan on writing a more detailed review and after action report soon, but I wanted to quickly share a few iPhone pics of the game. I've been super busy at work, so I probably won't have time for another post until the New Year, so if I don't see you until then..... Merry Christmas! Cory

The game set up and ready to go! Loosely based on Shiloh. Lot's or poorly armed Rebs attacking a few Yanks barely holding on!

28mm Dixon Federals.

The Federal line awaits the assault.

A local Federal counter-attack!

Giving the Rebs some double canister!

The Federals hold the sunken road.