Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glorfindel - 28mm LotR

Glorfindel - The Lord of the Rings

I had this GW blister of Glorfindel sitting on my table for years and 
I thought it would be a fun and quick project while taking a 
break from painting ACW figures...I was right! I was able to paint
both figures in a couple days and it was refreshing not having 
to paint another canteen or knapsack! 

Glorfindel is an elven lord, and appears in the LotR books, but is replaced by Arwen in the 
movie. Here is a good Glorfindel link:

The mounted Glorfindel. 

His cloak.

28mm Games Workshop Glorfindel

Mounted and on foot. 

Another angle of both figures.

An iPhone camera effect.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

More 28mm ACW!

More 28mm ACW

I have been staying on course with my 28mm ACW project. I'm trying to
get enough units painted before Nashcon 2013 in the Spring of next year. I think I'll have
plenty of time, but I like to have a set date in mind as my goal. It keeps me motivated! I'm starting
to feel a little ACW burn out now, and I think I'll switch over to some LotR figures in
honor of the new GW store that opened near my house!

My latest unit off the painting table - the 31st TN. They fought
at the Battle of Franklin and were part of Otho Strahl's brigade
and Brown's division. 28mm Dixon figures.

An overview of our latest game with some of my hobby room
mess in the background!

Another "Johnny Reb" game shot! The rebel charge in
the middle has just been shot up and repulsed!

A "shaken" morale marker.

A shaken unit. I had painted some of these before, but they
blended in with the terrain too easily. These really stand out!

A "routed" unit and marker.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

28mm ACW Game

28mm ACW "Johnny Reb" Game

Here are some pics from a "Johnny Reb" game that we are currently
playing. We are probably about 1/3 done and will get together next week to
finish. It is a basic scenario, where 2 CSA brigades are defending
against two larger attacking USA brigades.  

Scott Gore has set up a "Johnny Reb" wikipage. Check it out!

The Union advance through the woods.

A Rebel 6# battery opens fire!

An overview of the game. The Rebs are defending behind
the creek and the USA objective is to push them out
of the area.

Some sharpshooters holding the rough ground near the creek. They
rolled snake eyes early and ran low on ammo!

Some Florida boys rush to get into a good position before
the Yanks get there.

Union guns cover the advance of the infantry.

On the painting table - 28mm Dixon Rebs. I'm painting
an OOB for a scenario I want to run at Nashcon 2013.